Free Case Study

Do you have access to data and no time or resources to make it work for you?

Are you unable to gather meaningful data to use for decision-making purposes?

Data Wisdoms is a start-up consulting company new in the market. In order to generate interest and help out small businesses and nonprofits, we'd like the chance to impress you with our services for a limited scope introduction, for little or no charge. We work with a maximum of one case study customer at a time.


Our Case Study Process


Case Study Consideration

  1. Demonstrate our solution examples.
  2. Talk about your current sources of data, and provide non-confidential data samples, if possible.
  3. Take our "Case Study Compatibility" survey, to be sure we are a good match.
  4. Talk about where you could get additional data.
  5. Come up with a single goal for the case study.
  6. Agree upon a calendar timeline for starting and ending the case study.
  7. Provide "Master Agreement" and "Work Order for Case Study" agreements for review. This protects both companies in areas of confidential information and also designates your rights to the completed work.
  8. Determine if there are any software trials or needed licenses

Case Study Kick-off

  1. Approve and sign agreements.
  2. Schedule Case Study checkpoint meetings.
  3. Gather data and requirements.
  4. Build preliminary data model and/or reports with your actual data.
  5. Provide a small scale working solution.

Case Study Wrap-up

  1. Deliver any completed assets such as Excel workbooks, SSRS files or SQL Databases.
  2. Decide to proceed with a project to extend case study functionality or start a new project.
  3. Even without a continued project, there may be ways to save you money on Microsoft software licensing for Office 365, Azure or SQL Server.
  4. Data Wisdoms may publish a blog post or article on its website or in a an online or print publication.

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